Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds provides the ultimate screening solution for your outdoor area and offers privacy and protection from the sun, breeze, rain and insects all year round.

Suitable to help enclose a variety of outdoor areas such as; verandahs, pergolas, carports, patios, decks and balconies.

We offer multiple Alfresco Blind systems, including the unique side channel system to eliminate and gaps between exterior blinds or posts and it also offers the most modern and stylish addition to your outdoor area. See our Zipscreen page for more information

Top Spot Blinds has a wide selection of designer fabrics and colours to suit your external shading requirements and décor. When using our Alfresco Blind mesh fabric, it allows you to maintain your view, even when the blinds are fully wound down. The pinholes in the woven mesh fabric filters heat and light so that air flow is still able to pass through, keeping the interior cool by preventing stale hot air from becoming trapped. Depending on how tight weave is in the mesh fabric, will determine how much rain filters in or bounces off the mesh.

All external blinds, including Alfresco Blinds are not designed to endure VERY HEAVY winds. We recommend to be drawn as secured during heavy winds and storms.

We then recommend regular cleaning (at least every 3 months) to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime. Use a soft brush or soft broom to clean the blinds.

All our outdoor alfresco blinds Melbourne are manufactured for outdoor environments supported by a 5-year fabric guarantee*


Specific Qualities (Why We Are Different)


  • Top Spot Blinds has a service where we can replace the fabric on your existing awning. Saving you money.
  • Canvas awnings provide effective protection against UV rays, blockout from   92% – 100% depending on the fabric. 
  • Our mesh fabric is 2×2 heavy gauge yarn offers great versatility for all your awning, patio, pergola and alfresco area.
  • Our Canvas fabric is PVC and lead free, mildew and rot resistant, water resistant and stain resistant.
  • Top Spot Blinds offers a warranty of up to five years* on all Canvas Awnings fabric.
  • We can match your colours with our Colourbond Pelmets to suit your canvas awning or outdoor blind.
  • Top Spot Blinds is one of the few genuine Melbourne blinds manufacturers around making custom made canvas awnings since 1986. We are a family owned and operated so we treat you like family.
  • Manufacturing blinds in Melbourne with over 30+ years’ experience.
  • Competitive prices in Melbourne whilst still maintaining the highest quality of Alfresco outdoor blinds
  • Top Spot Blinds has no hidden costs and no commission fees. This gives customers the full experience of our staff being friendly, polite and articulate with all enquiries without any obligation. 
  • Our outdoor blinds in Melbourne are custom made to suit individual outdoor alfresco area, patio or verandah area providing one of the best outdoor blinds options we have to offer.
  • Double stitch canvas with 100% blockout fabric
  • Our mesh blinds are all sealed and hemmed, using heat-welded machinery for added strength with no fraying.

Fixed Guide Canvas Awnings:

  • Our quality Fixed Guide Canvas Awnings in Melbourne are excellent for any hard to reach outdoor window furnishings, double story homes, and outdoor pergolas. 
  • Fixed Guide Canvas Awnings are a great outdoor blind, are spring loaded with a cord operation, making it easy to operate for those hard to reach windows. 
  • Can be operated from the outside with a heavy-duty rope and pulleys and can be operated internally using rope and pulleys.

Crank System:

  • The Crank System Blind is a great blind operation if you’re not wanting ropes.
  • This system uses a crank handle to wind the blind up and down and have the ability to pre-select fixed locking points at the time of installation in most situations.
  • Provides a tight and even fabric tension with long life and reliability.
  • Crank operated blind have a gearbox with great 3.5.1 ratio for easy blind operation. The weather box is compact and is designed to enclose the top roll and create a modern and sleek look. 

Straight Drop:

  • The straight drop awning is a modern style awning that uses no guides making it ideal for narrow side paths, front entrance doorways, enclosing pergolas areas, verandas, outdoor living for privacy or simply looking for a quality modern and neat blind.
  • Outdoor blinds have a great air flow and UV weather protection for your desired area.
  • Straight drop blinds have great fitting style, it’s the perfect outdoor blind option where you need to cover your area without hassle or extra fixtures.